Charcoal pile in Hulthorva

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Experience how charcoal was made in the old days. In Hulthorva there has been a tradition to set up and light up a charcoal pile, a sort of pile that burns wood slowly with the help of limited oxygen feed and in turn create charcoal.

During the cultural day in Hulthorva the charcoal pile is built and filled with 30-35 cubic meter wood that will turn in to charcoal within 4-5 days. When the charcoal pile is lit up the oxygen feed is limited and then controlled underneath the charcoal pile. However, it can be tricky to keep the fire at a good level to keep the charcoal pile burning down completely. That is why 24 hours surveillance is required.

History about the charchoal pile:
Charcoal burning started over 1000 years ago when fuel for the iron industry was needed. The thought behind the charcoal pile was to prevent the wood to just burn into ashes. Inside of the charcoal pile only some of the wood is burn to generate heat while the rest of the wood turns into charcoal. The heat is regulated with the help of controlled feed of oxygen beneath the charcoal pile.

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