Islands and natural harbours

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There are around 5000 islands and islets in the archipelago of Västervik. Chances are you'll find your very own dream island. Here you can read about some of these amazing islands.

Keep in mind that there are seal and bird sanctuaries in the Västervik archipelago. They marked on at boat charts. Information signs are clearly visible on the islands with bird protection. Contact the County Administrative Board if you have questions about the bird and seal sanctuaries on the phone +46480-82000 or

Hasselö and Sladö

Hasselö is a vibrant island in the heart of the vast archipelago of Västervik. There are activities and experiences for the whole family - all year round. Hasselö has a sandy beach and a diverse landscape with a nice, car-free gravel road. The island is idyllic and is preferably discovered on foot, bicycle or tractor and trailer.
In summer you can travel to Hasselö with the archipelago boat from Västervik and year round scheduled tours depart by water taxi. Here you can stay in hostels, eating at the restaurant, where you can also can finish with a sauna and bathe barrel swim.
Tel: +46490-911 30


Idö located in the outer archipelago, half an hour by boat from the center of Västervik. The island, with its hefty kilometers in length and scarce kilometers in width, offers a varied landscape. The east side is forested with rugged cliffs along the shoreline, while the stone walls on the west side meanders across the open plains towards the sea.

On Idö you are one with the sea - all year round. Idö is the right spot for those who want to unwind and enjoy nature, culture and history. Within just a few minutes from the boat's Anchorage you can walk to Idö Archipelago Restaurant, the rocks and you will also find many packaged activities that provide memories for a lifetime, with the eagle and seal safari as many people's favorites.

During the summer you can easily go to Västervik or Loftahammar with the regular archipelago traffic. During the autumn, winter and spring Idö Skärgårdsliv can take smaller groups in his own boat, large groups have to pre-booked archipelago boat.
Tel: +46490-285 80


A nature reserve. Visit the beautiful island and small archipelago village. Here you will find beautiful scenery, marked hiking trails, beaches and cliffs, a nice marina, Rågö's village serving, hostel accommodation and Tjust archipelago work museum with exhibits on the archipelago. There is also an association called Tjust Allmogebåtar with a boat collection exhibition and boat workshop. A ride in the archipelago may be a memory for life. Every year in the month of July is celebrated by Rågö Day, a day of celebration.
Tel: + 46493-610 55


A small community is a real idyllic archipelago in the summer when tourists and summer residents literally pours in from both Sweden and Europe. Here you will find a marina, a restaurant right by the water and the possibility to rent a cabin with a boat, something you should not miss!
Tel: +46493 - 613 15


By many called Sweden's most beautiful island. A green leafy idyll and nature reserve not far from Hasselö. Here you can rent a cabin, take a guided tour with a picnic basket, a sauna, hunt sea birds and rent a boat to fish.
Tel: +46493-615 35, +4673-326 83 70, +4670-261 53 54


Here you can rent an archipelago house to hunt and fish, both for businesses and individuals.
Tel: +46490-91140, +4673-0551140, +4670-5843002.

An island for fishing tourists who are looking for pike and perch. You can rent a cottage by the sea and swim sauna and hot tub.
Tel: +46490-910 73, +4670 548 76 78


An island with a long tradition of pilot operations. Book a guided tour of the ancient archipelago buildings. On Stora Grindö located in the outer archipelago, you find an old fishing village that is still in operation; fishing and salmon farming. Do not forget to eat at the wonderful restaurant Laxboa, make sure to book a table.
Telephone: +46493-614 32, +4670-867 06 75


In the north, far out in the coastal belt, you will find Väderskär. Here you will find a chapel from the 1600s that still organizes weddings.

Flatvarp Stora Askö

In the northern part of the municipality, just above Loftahammar, you can drive to get to Flatvarp or bicycle.
With a packed picnic basket, you have full day of swimming at the beautiful cliffs and an even better view of the archipelago.


Spårö with its beacon is perhaps the most distinctive landmark of Västervik archipelago. But there are also many fine bays to dock a boat.


An island with mainland in the form of a bridge. Händelöp is a fishing village with a long history.


At Västervik Resort Lysingsbadet there are several small islands that can be reached via bridges from the mainland.

Stora Vippholmarna

A popular natural harbor south of the Stora Bergsö. Easy to approach and sheltered from winds.


At the other side of the fairway from Vippholmarna is Strupö, which is also very protected. Here is an old archipelago village from the late 1800s. Nice nature trail around the island.

Eastern and Western Eknö

Around the East and West Eknö are many sheltered bays to dock at. The island is the largest in Tjust archipelago and there are two fishing villages that the buildings are concentrated around.

Krokö natural harbor

As the name suggests, a crooked island with many sheltered bays, many of them with sealable depth. Lovely rocky Mountains where you can take a swim.


Club Holme for Westerviks motorboat company. Bridges and cliffs and access to electricity and garbage cans.


Very sheltered cove between Päronholmen and Spårö. Did you know that Evert Taube described Spårö beacon, erected in 1776, as the most beautiful navigation mark he had ever seen?


Island and lighthouse out towards the open sea, but leeward can be found between Storkläppen and a few smaller islands. Storkläppen is a part of the Northern Tjust nature reserve.

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