Västerviks Specialnät och Sportfiske

Address: Strömsgatan 21, 593 30 Västervik Show map

Address: Strömsgatan 21, 593 30 Västervik

Everything for the professional and the sports fisherman.

Everything for the professional and the sports fisherman. We sell fishing permits for Kyrksjön, Långmalmen, Maren, Yxgöl, Ålsjön, Venerna, Bruksdammen, Hjorten and Vångaren (we also take care of boat rentals for the annual members of these lakes). We can also arrange fishing permits for the area Gunnebo. We have great tips for all people interested in fishing, and we speak German and English.

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    +46 490 151 00
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    mon-fri 10:00-18:00, sat 10:00-13:00, sun closed
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    For current pricing see website.

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