Gränsöleden (Gränsö hiking trail)

Address: Gränsö, 593 92 Västervik Date: Friday 21 apr 2017 - Friday 19 Apr 2024 Show map

Address: Gränsö, 593 92 Västervik

A beautiful hiking trail that takes you through the nature reserve on the Gränsö peninsula. The barren cliffs and the estate’s oak groves provide a varied and enjoyable recreational environment.

Gränsö is approximately 5 km from the centre of Västervik. And the area offers a 12-km-long hiking trail, Gränsöleden, which will take you around the nature reserve. You will encounter a variety of environments which include forests, cliffs and open fields. During your hike you will pass a number of bathing areas, such as Bondbacken, Lillön, Skanvik and Sandvik. Along the shores at Skanvik there is a wide variety of bird life, including seabirds and birds of prey. You also pass Gränsö Castle, which has a cafe, restaurant, hotel and spa. Along the trail are shelters which will protect you from the wind; it is also possible to spend the night in these shelters. For those who don’t want to walk along the entire trail, there are shorter walks which will take you straight across the island. You can pick up your copy of the booklet called "Vandra i Västervik" at Västervik Tourist Center for more information and a map of the trails.

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