Gladhammar hiking trails

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The Gladhammar hiking trails all start from Lunds by, and are a total of approximately 28 km. The red trail is a historic trail to Gladhammar’s deserted mines; the blue and the green trails are nature walks with various historical elements.

The red trail is 4.5 km long and takes you from the parking area at Lunds by across the river and up to the mines at Käringryggen. The trails date back to the early 16th century when the oldest known charter was given to a German merchant, Casper Koobergher. Further into the trail you will pass through the oldest industrial environments in Kalmar County. The trail then takes you onto Tjustleden, towards Tjursbosjön, where you will see an adit (entrance) to an underground mine called ‘Sancte Pehrs nyckel’ [nyckel means key], which was driven into the side of the hill in the 1760s. The 9 km-long blue trail begins on the old road through Lunds by. When you pass Ganthem you will be able to enjoy beautiful views of Lake Kyrk (Kyrksjön). The green trail is 15 km long. During the spring and autumn migration, you can see many different species of birds here. You can pick up your copy of the booklet called "Vandra i Västervik" at Västervik Tourist Center for more information and a map of the trails.

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